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PageCenterX/Satellite | LRS Output Management

PageCenterX/Satellite for Business Continuity

PageCenterX/Satellite software provides continued access to critical business data during planned or unplanned system outages. As an extension of the LRS® Output Management suite, the solution integrates with a variety of business applications. Rules-based document retention and purging ensures that the correct document versions are available for reprinting or online viewing in case of a downtime event.

information fast

When used in a healthcare EMR environment, the PageCenterX/Satellite solution lets clinicians access up-to-date medication and other information even during downtime events.

Multiple remote instances of the PageCenterX/Satellite solution can synchronize with a “master” PageCenterX® server, each retaining copies of the specific documents needed by a given location or business unit. All configuration options can be managed centrally for simplified administration, including settings for document retention and expiration. This creates a single logical system for controlling all stored documents in virtual folders on the network.

Improved Information Access

PageCenterX/Satellite provides:

  • Ready access to critical documents, regardless of application status
  • Improved compliance with downtime reporting regulations
  • Controlled information access for external partners and affiliates
  • Protection against outage-related Service Level Agreement penalties